January 23, 2009

Cupcake Stand

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I’ve been in search of one for awhile and finally found one I liked and bought it! This stand came to me from London it was worth the shipping price! Can’t wait to use it!! The beauty of it is I can use as many or as few tiers at a time.

7 tier cupcake stand

7 tier cupcake stand


October 15, 2008

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake

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I went over to see my God sister and family, so to entertain the boys (9 and 6) I brought over cones. I let them decorate their own. They sure did put a lot of icing on it!!

For the rest of them I made a fluffy white frosting and brought them to work.



September 4, 2008

Ice Cream + Cupcake!

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Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich especially those Toll House cookie with ice cream in between? To shake things up a bit I baked some jumbo chocolate cupcakes in silicone cupcake liners. Once they were cooled I sliced them in half and scooped in some vanilla bean ice cream. Put the top back on and bam there you go an cupcake ice cream sandwich. My live in taste tester said that it was very good. Of course he’s bias. Although he’s not afraid to toss my baking if he really doesn’t like it. However this time he ate the entire cupcake!

Just a few changes I want to make but this is for sure my new fave treat to make!

A great combination

A great combination

A view from above

A view from above

August 25, 2008

Ship Wreck!

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Part of they joy of baking is looking at other cakes on flickr or CakeCentral. I get new ideas in my head after scrolling through pictures. Recently my live in taste tester found me a blog about wrecked cakes. It couldn’t have been a better laugh! Do take some time to enjoy the lovely cakes!

Cake Wrecks

A few of my noted faves

Baby Shower

Wedding Cake Copy

July 24, 2008

Cupcake, cupcake, & more cupcakes

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Every month my company celebrates birthdays at the end of the month. My decorating mentor usually makes the cake for every month. So she came to me and asked me to make the cake. I was so flattered when she asked I immediately said yes. Then reality set in, “I have to live up to her cakes!!!” While driving me home from work, my brother and I chatted over what I should make. He said go for creativity and something different. That was a great idea. Went in to my creative bank and thought what could I do??

It hit me like lighting, I should break out my giant cupcake pan with matching cuppies. As I brainstormed I knew I wanted to use fondant in the giant cupcake. My idea was to fondant the bottom of the giant cupcake so it looked like a cupcake liner and then buttercream the top. Everything was executed, until I saw the top slide down. Fortunately the top was salvageable, but the bottom didn’t quite make it.

Baked the bottom over again this time though no time to cover in fondant, but there was no time to save it. In the end it turned quite good. Everyone’s reaction was whoa that’s a huge cupcake! The reviews were great too! Horray!

Before the fall

Cupcake and cuppies

Cupcake and cuppies

July 15, 2008

Finally Fondant

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I have been waiting and waiting to take the fondant class. It intrigues me what you can do with the magic of fondant. Wanting to play with cutters and liking the cupcakes I did I went for a sunflower-esque design. I have lots of ideas for cakes now!! Love fondant!!!


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A special surprise for the Director of JOD. I thought she could enjoy some cupcakes backstage! Her fave flowers are sunflowers!

Sunflowers in a box

Sunflowers in a box

April 28, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

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My cousins were visiting and after seeing my previous work they wanted to make and create. We were suppose have a pig cake and a panda cake, but the Wii was a bit distracting.

March 23, 2008

Hey Peeps!

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Happy Easter!!

March 9, 2008

Garden Fresh

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Birthday cake for Arlene

Yellow cake with strawberry filling. Frosted with cream chesse & pastry pride. Topped with homemade chocolate dipped strawberries.

Here’s the work in progress:

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