July 24, 2008

Cupcake, cupcake, & more cupcakes

Posted in baking at 8:39 pm by A Busy Bee Mom

Every month my company celebrates birthdays at the end of the month. My decorating mentor usually makes the cake for every month. So she came to me and asked me to make the cake. I was so flattered when she asked I immediately said yes. Then reality set in, “I have to live up to her cakes!!!” While driving me home from work, my brother and I chatted over what I should make. He said go for creativity and something different. That was a great idea. Went in to my creative bank and thought what could I do??

It hit me like lighting, I should break out my giant cupcake pan with matching cuppies. As I brainstormed I knew I wanted to use fondant in the giant cupcake. My idea was to fondant the bottom of the giant cupcake so it looked like a cupcake liner and then buttercream the top. Everything was executed, until I saw the top slide down. Fortunately the top was salvageable, but the bottom didn’t quite make it.

Baked the bottom over again this time though no time to cover in fondant, but there was no time to save it. In the end it turned quite good. Everyone’s reaction was whoa that’s a huge cupcake! The reviews were great too! Horray!

Before the fall

Cupcake and cuppies

Cupcake and cuppies


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